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Shop on Amazon.com and Ship to UAE

June 12, 2019

Shopping on Amazon.com from United Arab Emirates

According to Buyandship records, Amazon.com is one of United Arab Emirates’s favorite US e-tailers – as you can get almost anything there and ship it to United Arab Emirates with our parcel forwarding service. There are couple of things you can buy from the USA on Amazon.com: dvds, books, the kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, watches and kitchenware. And with Buyandship you can ship it to United Arab Emirates.

You’re most likely looking to shop from Amazon for items that are not available locally in United Arab Emirates or that are available at a much higher price. Shipping from the USA can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what the import tax & duties will be. In many cases, sellers on Amazon might just not deliver to United Arab Emirates. So what should you do?

Get USA shipping address to ship to United Arab Emirates

You can use Buyandship’s USA warehouse address to shop in the US and ship to United Arab Emirates in 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up to become a Buyandship member or Login.

Register here for free (and you can get US$8 free shipping) and get a Buyandship address in Oregon State (NO Sales Tax!) instantly.

Reminder: The verification email will be sent to your mailbox. Click on the hyperlink and you will be directed to Member Centre to complete your profile settings and phone verification.

Step 2. Check out our Buyandship US warehouse address and your unique user ID.

You can find it on Member Centre. Use it as the “Ship to” address and receiver. Tip: Take advantage of retailers’ free shipping offers to the Buyandship facility.

Reminder: We will be moving our US warehouse soon – stay tuned for official announcement on 22 Jun, 2019!

Step 3. Get tracking number.

After confirming the order, just wait for the order confirmation and tracking number.
Reminder: Not every seller provides tracking number. If they don’t, you will still receive notification once your parcel has arrived at Buyandship warehouse!

Step 4. Declare your parcel.

Login to Member Centre and go to the “Parcel Management” page to declare your item(s).

Step 5. Pay for your shipping fee.

Your parcel will arrive at Buyandship’s central warehouse in Hong Kong, you can consolidate your parcels for FREE; if you don’t have any other parcel for consolidation, simply pay for the shipping fee with your credit card. What’s next? Just wait and we will deliver it at your doorstep!

How shipping rates are calculated for shipping to United Arab Emirates with Buyandship

Delivery Fee is based on actual weight of each parcel (check shipping rates from here). With Buyandship, you also have a few ways to save big time on international shipping rates to United Arab Emirates:

1. You can consolidate your parcels for FREE and ship them all at once.

2. You can store your parcels at the Hong Kong central warehouse for 30 days to maximize your consolidation advantage.

3. You can redeem credits (1 credit equals to 1 US dollar) to pay for your shipping fee. You can earn credits through the following channels:
(a) Register as our new member to receive 8 credits immediately;
(b) If your friend registered through your referral link and completed his/her first transaction, both you and your friend will receive 5 credits after 7-14 days;
(c) Participate in our Facebook and Instagram events to earn credits.