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The 5 Glossier Killer Products Worth Your Money & How to Get Them Shipped to UAE

January 3, 2020

Sparking a revolution within the cosmetic and skincare industry in the last couple of years, Glossier  reflects and celebrates the honesty of women’s natural beauty. The American cult beauty brand was founded on the idea that makeup and skincare should be a simple, honest, uncomplicated choice. Glossier’s slogan, “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t ship to UAE, and before you send your Stateside friends a lengthy wishlist, you might want to know how to get the goods shipped right to your doorstep. Buyandship is your BFF when it comes to forwarding parcels from the US to UAE and it’s super easy. The best thing is we provide the lowest shipping rate in UAE.

Here are the 5 Glossier’s most popular products:

the 5 Glossier’s most popular products

The 5 Glossier Killer Products

Boy Brow – Fluffy, instantly groomed brows | US$16

Arguably the product that put Emily Weiss’ beauty brand on the map, Boy Brow is everything we want in an eyebrow product: Tinted, but not overly so; long-lasting (because having your brows melt off mid-day is not a good look); and super easy-to-use. The 2016 Best of Beauty winning-pomade comes in three natural-looking shades (plus a clear version that keeps hairs in place sans any tint), and brushes on easily for brows that look full and groomed, but not bushy. Yes, please.

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Cloud Paint – Gel-cream blush you can’t mess up | US$18

Truth bomb: Liquid cheek tints are sometimes, to put it bluntly, hard to use. They’re either too pigmented, not pigmented enough (annoying), or dry too fast and leave our faces a blotchy, streaky mess. Not so with this creamy cheek color, which provides a sheer wash of natural-looking color for a just-out-from-the-cold flush — a.k.a., what blush is supposed to look like. The lightweight formula melts into the skin, making blending ridiculously easy — and the four shimmer-free shades are makeup bag must-haves.

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Milky Jelly Cleanser – Everything a cleanser should be | US$18

Rounding out the list of three best-sellers, this face wash is practically perfect in every way, as Mary Poppins might say. It’s extremely gentle (case in point: it uses the same cleansing agent as is found in contact lens solution), and has skin conditioners so that your complexion always feels clean, but never tight. And while it’s great for every day, the creamy gel is also powerful enough to take off even stubborn makeup.

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Balm Dotcom – Our cult-favorite, do-everything lip balm | US$12

One of the four OG Glossier products, this remains one of the brand’s overall best-sellers. So, is it makeup or skincare? Answer: A little bit of both. Dubbed a ‘universal skin salve,’ it’s dense and ultra-hydrating, packed with ingredients such as beeswax and lanolin that make it a savior for chapped lips. There’s the original, untinted, unflavored variant, though, per the makeup point, it also comes in several tinted shades that add a sheer wash of color to lips or cheeks.

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Haloscope – Find your light | US$22

For those who prefer their highlighter to deliver a glow-y finish, Glossier’s beloved Haloscope highlighter can’t be beat. The highlighting stick, infused with a core of solid, vitamin-rich oil, gives the skin a dewy, almost glossy highlight — with just a hint of shimmer (thanks to glimmering particles from actual crystals). It’s super easy to apply and blend, and the three luminous shades (sun-kissed Topaz; pearlescent Rose Quartz; and iridescent Moonstone) are versatile enough to be used on all skin tones.

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How to Get Glossier’s Products Shipped to UAE

Step 1: Enter Glossier’s website to start your shopping journey

Step 2: Add all the items you need to the shopping bag

Step 3: Enter Buyandship US warehouse address in the shipping information when checking out

Step 4: For any purchase over US$30, you can enjoy FREE shipping to US address

Step 5: Finish the payment, and your Glossier will be on the way to your doorstep.

*Remember to declare your parcels on Buyandship website once you have received the tracking number, and pay for the shipping fee when your parcels arrive at our HK warehouse!

*The price will be adjusted due to the supply and demand, everything is subject to the website.