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Pricing Scheme

The price includes both transit fee and home delivery fee. No hidden charges.
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Delivery Fee Calculator

Our overseas warehouses

Benefits of choosing BUYANDSHIP warehouses? Please refer to Our Overseas Warehouses.

Advantages of using Buyandship

Based on Actual Weight

Delivery Fee is based on actual weight of each parcel

Consolidating Package

Save money by consolidating multiple shipments into one

Credit Reward Program

Earn Buyandship credits and save shipping cost!

Fee Calculation of Parcels consolidated from Different Warehouses


For example, you are consolidating three shipments from different warehouses to create an order.

The final chargeable weight (Actual weight):

Product A (1.2 lb) + Product B (1.2 lb) + Product C (1.2 lb)

= 4 (3.6) lb

The chargeable weight less than 1 lb will be rounded to the next whole pound.

Delivery Fee

When consolidating shipments from different warehouses, the highest charging rate will be used to calculate the delivery fee.

The chargeable weight less than 1 lb will be rounded to the next whole pound for each order.

The minimum weight of a shipment is 0.2 lb, afterwards the unit of actual weight is 0.1 lb. When the actual weight is less than 0.1 pound, it will be rounded to the next 0.1 pound.

Other Fees

Returning parcel (Only for prohibited items that cannot be delivered to Hong Kong): US$10 will be charged for every Tracking Number. Additional charges may apply for local delivery.

Overdue parcel: After the 21-day free storage period, US$1 per day will be charged for each Tracking Number of the overdue parcel for 30 days at most. Any parcel being overdue over 30 days will be regarded as an abandoned parcel.