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Your Ultimate Shopping Guide to the 4th July Sales

June 30, 2019

Hundreds of e-tailers in the US will start offering huge discounts from 3rd July, while some of them may promote until 7th July to celebrate Independence Day. To grab the best deals during this sale season, of course, you need to have stable Wi-Fi access around you first. However, do you know what are the secrets behind to enable you to successfully order what you love at the lowest price before out of stock? Here we have 3 tips for you…

independence day

1. Prepare Shopping List, Bookmark it and Add to Cart First

There will be thousands of super deals available on different US online stores on the big day. Don’t waste your time browsing around the stores – just get your shopping list ready before Independence Day, bookmark the product URL and you will be able to access the page quickly. You are also suggested to register for a shopping account first so you can add the products you love to the shopping cart first and checkout faster.

2. Not Just Get Your Wallet Ready, But Also a Paypal Account

Some US online stores (for example, Samsonite and UO) may reject overseas credit cards. In the worst case, your order can still be canceled, even if you see the payment has been processed successfully on the checkout page. However, making payment via Paypal shouldn’t be a problem so we highly recommend you to register for a Paypal account first. It is always sad to see order being canceled, especially when you got the item at the lowest price, isn’t it?

3. Signup as a Buyandship Member and Install Our Price Comparison Chrome Extension

Some US online stores won’t ship to UAE directly while there are also many US online stores charge high shipping fees for the order to UAE. Sign up a Buyandship account, get US$8 free shipping fee as a welcome gift and get your US warehouse address first so you don’t have to worry about the shipment.

 You are also highly recommended to install our Price Comparison Extension, which is available now on Chrome store. After adding the extension to your Chrome browser, every time you shop, you’ll be able to check the prices of the same item on other shopping sites in just few seconds!

For more info and installation guide, click HERE.