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(Updated on 21 Feb) Shipments Latest Updates

February 21, 2020

Shipments Latest Updates

🇺🇸 United States:

In early February, about 270 palettes of shipments have been in queue to leave Anchorage, as of today, 120 palettes have been delivered in several batches to Hong Kong. 149 palettes that are promised to be shipped by this weekend. This shipment will be given priority check-in when it arrives in Hong Kong.

More than 50 of 60 shipments that have been in queue earlier to leave Seattle were delivered to Hong Kong yesterday or today, and the rest of the shipments will also arrive in succession. As for the current shipment status of “At local courier’s facility (Portland, OR)”, these shipments will also be sent in batches by other carriers, and the shipment status will be updated on the website.

🇯🇵 Japan :

10 containers shipments will arrive in Hong Kong from Sunday to Tuesday, and we will process the shipments in order. Besides, shipments waiting at the Narita Airport will also be shipped to Hong Kong in succession.

🇬🇧 United Kingdom :

There is also a shortage of flights from the UK to HK at this time, and our usual courier partner has increased prices of air cargo. However, the rate is still at an acceptable level, but due to the limited space, shipments will experience a slight delay. If you would like to shop on UK websites, you may need to wait longer.

We are grateful for your understanding, patience, and support during this period!