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Attention to the New Delivery Option on Amazon Japan

April 8, 2020
Amazon JP speical delivery option

Due to the spread of coronavirus in Japan, Amazon Japan has added a new delivery option for some regions including the Noda city of Chiba Prefecture where our Japan warehouse is located at. This new option allows a delivery without signature of the receiver which might increase the risk of lost parcels. Hence, please pay attention to the following steps while shopping on Amazon Japan.

While you are going to confirm your payment, the default setting of delivery may have been already changed to “置き配指定” automatically. To prevent your parcels being left without a signature of the receiver, you must click into the setting under delivery address and choose “置き配を利用しない (in Japanese) / Do not use unattended delivery (in English) / 不使用放置点交货 (in Simplified Chinese)” as shown below.

(in Japanese)

(in English)

(in Simplified Chinese)

Before making payment, please make sure that you have chosen a correct option which helps your goods arrive at our Japan warehouse safely and be signed successfully. We will not be responsible for parcel lost caused by without a signature.

For more details of this option, please refer to the official instruction of Amazon Japan.